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Azura's Touch for Morrowind

A World-Wide Modification of the Most Magnificent Game Ever Developed

This Mod has a tremendous impact on Gameplay. And I don't know which is weirder : the Site or the Mod...

Back in 2005 my Level 40-60 Heroes were sick and tired of Full Battle Music for some dopey half-dead mudcrab or rat or the 25000th Cliff Racer. And so was I. But somehow i didn't want to leave Vvardenfell anymore. It was great, it just lacked aa bit of...

Enter The Construction Set

Now, 10 years later, i can say that in my humble opinion, this Mod is High Class. Basically I am still Modding for myself, and the more I tweak, the more I love it, so sharing it with Other Players is Sharing the Joy.

Don't expect an Easy Hero Life with This Mod

You'll have to work hard to survive, and you may get overconfident when things are going well, and then it's time to reload your last Save.

You'll be attacked by large swarms of flying creatures, hordes of spawning foes, bombarded with hallucinatory Magicks. And you'll survive. Eventhough you'll always be one step behind, with some determination you'll make it.


Death flourishes here. But so do Friendships. You're not alone. And Azura has many ways to keep her promise. She'll be watchful. She'll hurt you when you misbehave. And she'll forgive, and reward you with the tools to grow with the Violence.


I have played many many games, but none were as Violent as This Little Gem. And the ones that came close Violence-wise, never offered such Warmth. And you can place almost any Friendly Creature almost anywhere. I know some Level 1 Heroes who use them as Lights...

This most certainly isn't the Mod to end all Mods, but to me, it's the Game that I will play till I die.

Find out more about it on the other pages

It works very well with MCP and there's a TR(1408) Aware Version as well ( DL / Massengrab + Update(s) ).

Mod's Forum

That was a great idea, but it has been hijacked by some criminals, so it's gone.