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The Mod

Devastating, Sweet, Explosive, Addictive, Heaven, Hell, Action

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I hate it when nothing happens. I come from Unreal I, Quake I&II, Blood II, Serious Sam, and Diablo II. I need to kill. I need to know I can die if i'm not careful. So my Level 70+ still can die. But it doesn't happen all the time. If it would, i'd be in TESCS correcting balance.

And exactly *that* is what has been going on for ten years now. Balancing. Tuning, Adding Challenges, Improving Battle.

Action is Serious here. Not at the lowest levels, but it grows. Way beyond any other Game I ever played. Of course, this influences Escorting, though a couple of these have adapted. Well, only one. But if you'll never return Reeh-Jah to Im, you'll have a wonderful Friend who can really make a difference.

Wanna go to Pelagiad? The Guarded Swarm loves you for your goodies...