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Last Update Nov 4, 2015

Several Editions, including the most recent, the vastly retuned Halfway There, are available here.

How to use the Zips ?

The older zips (up to Moron) are pretty straightforward: Drag the esp to Data Files, and off you go.

Moron's VB expansion and all Editions thereafter contain a lot of visual resources, which need to be installed in the correct places.

I only learned about BSAPACK after the release of Bloody Elegant. That's why the zips for Moron thru B/E contain a directory structure, which one would merge with the install's Data Files. If you have MW installed in - say - X:/GreatGames/Morrowind/, bring your favourite explorer there and drop the zip's Data Files directory there, choose Merge and after a lot of copying : voila.

Massengrab (0.78) and later ship as an ESM + BSA. Away with those datafile structures : they're nicely wrapped up in the BSA now.

Halfway There (0.80) is currently only available as an Update of the 10th Anniversary Edition (0.79.X), as it is still liable for some final tweaking. And guess what ? A miniature version of the Data Files stucture is back... New icons and meshes, that's why.

Confused? Welcome to the World of WIP!

Why keep older ones available ?

They are great, each and every one of them. Even the ones before the oldest on this page are quite cool. But i don't play them anymore.

Yet, i do like to see the way the Mod has grown over the last couple of years. I love the phase when David and Steve and Xiran and others were commenting and i used their feedback to tune Gameplay. I like to read the release notes, as most of them have some tongue-in-cheek-ness that makes me smile.

I really love Morrowind and i really really really love My Mod and Its Heroes.

That's why.

Have FUN ! Bye for now. Rolf