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### Azura's Touch ###

By Azurolf

A Nuke and Crush conversion for Morrowind GOTY.

While the Original Game offers a few challenging fights in the earliest stages (Thieves dens, Tombs, 6th House caves, Vampire dwellings, etc), it is hardly ever close to dangerous anymore once you've reached level 7-10. You will still be harrassed by Mudcrabs and Rats and Foragers (and Racers) at level 50+, creatures you can kill in 1 blow, and formerly serious foes hardly ever require more than a second hit.

So I decided to beef things up. It wasn't intended to grow this huge, but once I had started, ideas kept avalanching in. Including the idea that the early stages should be way less grim, friendlier, enable th Hero to learn small magicks from small frienldy creatures, trade his / her humble loot with them for slightly better items, basically be a time of learning and a litle battle.

So. While the first few levels are mostly harmless and Vvardenfell's Wildlife is relatively peaceful, this changes as your Hero grows and / or wanders off into the new territories. By the time your Hero ascends to Level 20, the world is very dangerous and you might think : this is only the beginning. And you would be right.

If you so choose, by the time you're 50 most vanilla wildlife will be too wise to attack you. And you can rest assured that anything that *does* so, requires more than 1 blow.

Place the ESM and the BSA in Data Files, check the ESM in the Launcher Data Files section

Activate the BSA in morrowind.ini, by adding it to [Archives] with the next free squence number, like:

Archive 0=Tribunal.bsa
Archive 1=Bloodmoon.bsa
Archive 2=AzurasTouch.bsa

The Mod changes lots of Leveled Lists, both Item and Creature. Therefor it will not work properly with other mods that do so as well. Furthermore it adds a bit of land around the Main Isle of Vvardenfell, and thusly clashes with TR and more modest mods that have placed land there. And there's quite a bit of dialog that has been added or tweaked to improve immersion.

So if you have a mod that has dungeons all over the place and it uses the vanilla lists to populate them, it will work nicely, but it will add the AT creatures there. A Mod that raises land where I don't, will co-operate quite nicely as well. If a mod turns Seyda Neen into a million people city, it will be no problem as long as the Hub in SN-West is not swallowed by a huge building or a dense forest and the central square is still there.

Retexturing Mods may make the AT Creatures / Weapons / etc look out of place, but I don't expect any clashes there.

Basically, i would advise to try the mod on its own. You'll find out pretty soon whether it might clash with your favorites.

This Mod has eaten 11 years of my life. And it ain't finished yet. I would not like to see it posted anywhere with a different name and a different author. I have a very powerful Butcher Axe reserved for such cases.

Please do not EDIT the mod if you want your work to survive the next Edition.

If you have a great idea for an addon or want to claim a bit of territory on some island, please contact me on the TES3 fora, and if the idea is cool by me, then i'll at least know where your nice little settlement is coming so i won't put Swarms or Hordes there.

You can contact me on BGS Forum (i'm Rolf there) or via Twitter (Azurolf).


Bethesda - for the Game Of The Era, the Construction Set and their Fora

Psyringe & Hrnchamd - for MCP

The creators of - TesFaith, tes3cmd, WryeMash, NifSkope, Gimp

Some very special guys at the BGS Forum

Xiran for his highly motivating words at my earliest publication
DavidB11111 for his never ending patience with the early CTDs and his tons of ideas
SteveDog for being a really big fan

You guys have pushed the Mod from OK to WHOA

And then there was the guy who taught me how to repaint Creatures - i think it was SpiritHawke - THANX BIG TIME !