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Midas - L53+

This Imperial is Greedy. In TOG he collected millions and millions of gold with his devastating trading powers. If i remember correctly, he didn't raise a sword once during his first level. All he did was fast travel and make money.

But once he started to fight, bloodlust filled his veins ...

And now, the save i saved back then is Midas at L53 in Old Mournhold chasing Warchiefs. Meanwhile he had been doing things on Solstheim, but all extension Quests are still unfinished. Master Thief, Mage, Cult, Morag and almost any other Faction. No House.

I have used this save quite often to see how an HLH of his statue survives the Horrors of The Mod. Oddly enough, he's swift to the change. Luck 80+ and his Belt of the Vamp (Absorb Health 100 pts, charge 400) are some of the keys there...

Coins are Cute!