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Rannar - L20 (2002-)

My First.

Utterly bad leveling there and some choices that are seriously not wise for The Mod. But she's sweet. And she dies a lot. But she persists.

Entering with this dear sweet humble dunmer rogue is not easy. And after a couple of hours, it's as if she was born there.

Forgetteth ye not: MW was my first RPG. Diablo II doesn't count and Baldur had me yawning all the time. My background is FPS. Unreal I, Quake II, Blood II, Serious Sam.

Never stopped playing MW once i started.

Testing 0.76.7

Currently (13X) Rannar has entered MWAT once more. Being polite to LW paid off big time. She's definitely not up to Mutant Scribs and it takes a lot of Birthday Present Activations to kill one.

You know what? It's great to be so very vulnerable every now and then.

Ouch! Grmpf! Gotcha!