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Antarctica - L62

This Argonian Lady is my Champion of the unExpanded Morrowind. She dates back from late 2002-early 2003. She did a lot : Nerevarine, Arch-Telvanni, Arch Mage, Arch other things... And she's alive and kicking.

Still a lot to explore in Solstheim and Mournhold. Should be easy enough. Would be boring without AT.

This Argonian Girl shook the Dunmer Nation twice : First by Carriage and now by Boat. No, seriously : The Dunmer never would have dreamed an Argonian, and a girl as well, to be their Nerevarine and to actually banish Ur back to where he came from. Second time was Taking over House Telvanni, the ultimate Post on Male Chauvinist ÜberDunmer Territory.

Aug 09

She went in ! Tried it january, it was hopeless then. Now it was okay. Still pretty tough, quite unprepared for the Horrors of The Mod, but there's a powerful L60+ butchering hordes now.

Big Fun in the Land of the Dun