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RQ ( 2005 - ∞ )

This Monstrosity is my biggest Hero who grew up 'here'. Every Lord in Seyda Neen is one serious Version upgrade. He's been around from late 2005 ( pre-Beta ) when Daddy was still alive, but i cared more about the mod.

Can't reload Reality.

2005-2009 ; L47

This Argonian Anarchist doesn't care much about Dagoths and Blades. Nor any other human business. He's having a helluva time fighting the Hordes, brewing his potions and colouring the World.

Right now (sep 09) he's testing Vertigo, and it feels as though SolstIsles attract him once again. It's great over there. Horror.

We love it :-)


A Hero of these proportions doesn't stop anywhere. Currently testing the higher balance (50+) and VB, he's having (and giving me) more fun than ever.

Great Heroes Never Really Die