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Azura's Touch is a world-wide modification of the Full Morrowind. It adds landmasses, tons of new adversaries and friends, and the change is nearly everywhere. I fear it may not work well with most other Mods. But as a stand alone, it offers quite a lot. In these notes i address some of the Touches in some detail.

(May 30, 2015) Most of this is written in 2009, and the new interface is a bit crummy, but there's plenty to read and maybe even bits that make you smile... Topics with '*' are not really features of the Mod. And as I've been mostly developing new ideas since i wrote these texts, not all may be up-to-date, and lots of aspects aren't even covered.

Sep 2015 Added Topix PM Hat till Sets

Still lots more to cover but these have quite some impact.


TOG - The Original Game ; AT - Azura's Touch ; Lxx - Level xx ; HLH - High Level Hero