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77 - Gares

By Azurolf , on Wed 19 Jun 2013, 02:01:29 AT

It's like Coming Home. Reported the Urshilaku Adventure, now Caius sends us to Dagoth Gares. We all know what happens there. Corprus. Tel Fyr. The One Last Dwemer.

Even after so long, the Main Quest is Gorgeous.

I found a minor inconvenience in the Ashlander Cave Door Script. It had Hero->Ashlander > 0. Which souds ok, but Clanfriend has 0, and Joan was eager to enter. Changed it to >=, which leaves the door closed for Not Ashlanders, but opens it for Clanfriends. I'll put the ziplet online soon.

Problem wih Dagoth Gares: he's LW's Friend. They like to play the Organ together with big hammers and lots of noise. There's a bit of plot i should - and would love to - elaborate on... Maybe LW very sad you killed DG, no trading until you bring the hammer?

Whatever. We're on the verge of some company travels. Ree-Jah was quite a challenge at L26, but the Ahemmusa Wise Woman and the Zainab Bride-To-Be at L45+ are wa-a-a-ay more difficult. One Adversary Blow and "der dedder den ded".

And Joan? She "heppee", she found "Grit Bik Ex wit Butcher Spirit init". Her first Butcher Weapon. When she was hit by it, wielded by a not too tough Maniac, she was half "ded" within one blow, and she called an army of skeletons to catch further beating. There were four maniacs, and i had no idea which one was causing the immense pain, so yeah, i kinda fled, jumping high and far.

Actually, i'm not too keen to go to L45 as the Bosmer Maniacs are waiting there... But Joan seems to have an unstoppable appetite for "sirius pane".

We'll see :-) I'm loving every second with her.