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69 - Playground and Pit

By Ash Poet , on Fri 14 Jun 2013, 01:42:06 AT

There once was a lady in old Seyda Neen
Her dagger was sharp and her eyes were keen
But down in the Playground
She heard quite an odd sound
And never again has the lady been seen

What was this odd sound
She heard under ground?
A moan and a rattle
So she prepared for Battle
But down in the darkness no Foe could be found

She wandered a day and an hour
Her potions went dreadfully sour
Many attacked her
Her summons protecked her
Her shield was a radiant flower

And then she saw
A faint red glow
She prayed for relief
Touched it with hope and belief
And was teleported to the Pit below

The horrors around her
All too soon found her
One intervention would be clever
Divine, Almsivi, whatever

Scroll Potion Amulet Ingredient


Her backpack
She she did check
There with a grin
Some Kagouti Skin
She ate it and was hurled back

To a nearby imperial Shrine
With a shiver down her spine
She buried her sword
Prayed to the Lord
And devoted her Life to The Nine