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Friends (10/34)

You are not alone. Friends usually don't come to your help, but at least they don't attack you. And once you get to know them, many may make your Hero's life a bit more comfortable. Some of these friends are very special in the sense that you don't have to wander around hoping to find them : see the notes on Summoning.

Most Friends radiate White Light, some have an added Blue Aura to signify a particularly rich friend.



Upd May 2015

By now, you'll know if you hurt a Friend. You'll get a verbal warning. Hurt this Friend again, and you'll get a way more violent warning. The per-hit violence increases should you actually manage to *kill* a Friend, and even more so if you say you enjoyed it. But *never* will any Creature Friend retalliate at you personally, it will *always* turn another cheek. So killing them and actually enjoying that, make you an *evil* person. Which *will* be of consequence in future versions.

Some fun-loving Heroes are known to HTH a Friend a couple of times, which activates the mechanism, but keeps the Friend out of the Danger Zone.

Upd Oct 2015 - Version 0.80.8

Thank you, Dancers with your age old crummy script!

I gave them a special version of the Protection Scripts that governs the previous note. And i added a random follow, and some ways to tune that. I wouldn't mention it here if it wouldn't have proliferated! My goodness. If a Friend temporarily follows you and you are attacked by some foe, you can lean back and watch.

Command Creature bounces off from these mighty unbalancers, as does nearly any other Spell, but if their free will says so, and you don't decline their offer, you're one lucky Hero!

Mind you : even a humble Guar can make a tremendous difference, not only in the earliest stages. And not all Friends will Follow : Babies, Teachers, Travelers, Lighthouse Keepers won't. Oh. And you'll have to be carrying some Special Jewelry with you, but you probably will or else many doors won't open either.

Of course : they won't follow forever, just a couple of minutes. And when they stop, or when you decline, there will be a cooldown period that's a bit longer.

Why did I make Friends so strong?

This dates back to the earliest stages of the Mod. Back then I hardly dared to touch MWScript. Is true! And I wanted to prevent Evil Players from harming them for easy loot. Once I started scripting (only a year ago), I immediately started the Protection Scheme, but by then quite some Friends could be killed with Gold from Sneak, so I added lots of Health to even the weakest and meekest.

That's why.