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Wild Isles - WI (20/34)

If we follow the naming conventions of Good Old Diablo II, SI and MI might be considered to be Nightmare. In that perspective, the Wild Isles are Hell. Utterly hostile and very very dangerous. But they are by far the most elaborately furnished territories as well. I really made some efforts to create some atmosphere here. Being able to Fly is a big bonus here as it adds to your chances of survival, both passively ( lift off to get out of reach of all the melee around you ), actively ( go after those sky-creatures hurling their horrible magicks at you ) . And there's quite a comfort-bonus in this ability as well : avoid long swims around an isle to find a way to get you there - mind you : the water around them is not empty either ...

Above (pun intended) all : Levitation is needed if you want to make use of the Transport-, Trading- and Storage-Facilities on these Islands.