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87 - Histort Pollution part 3

By WebMaster , on Mon 01 Jul 2013, 01:31:45 AT

I think i've worked out what solves the problem. What is the problem? That after sending a form, history is updated, and when one tries to go back, one gets ugly screens saying that the Document Expired. BRRR.

I have found a workaround, which i implemented on a new form (not yet publically available just yet), and the solution is so bloody simple that i will try it out here asap as well. Maybe not this night, but very very soon indeed.

The crux of the solution is twofold:
1 - Use separate script for processing input
2 - Finish that script with a header Location to the Form

Of course there are some minor details that complicate things slightly, but SESSION is a wonderful medium to transfer data from one script to another, and a good use of a general environment script included in both adds considerably to comfort and elegance.

The other good news is that the not yet available form, is one to login with. Which adds ownership to one's messages and opens up the possibility to edit msgs at a later date...

Seeing the HP problem solved this easily, once more made me ever so greatful to be a Passionate Programmer :-)

And when i started writing this message, i was still logged in as Joan, but then she logged out and i logged in as WM, en den de kredenshils wer mine. O me-e-e-e-en, dis is zo grit!


And now i go for i want to test new scripts with HPX update :-) - will go wrong