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Spawning (15/34)

This doesn't happen in TOG. It doesn't happen in AT either, at the Lowest Levels. But once it gets started, it simply doesn't know where to stop.

In some cases it replaces some Summoning - like when you keep hitting a Friend. Other Adversaries simply have babies, create hordes of soldiers, flood the ocean with piranhas or spawn allies as their health deteriorates.

Most spawns leave something behind when they die and vaporize. Sometimes picking up something a dying spawn has dropped spawntaneously leads to more battle...

Talk to Lord Welcome if you've accumulated a couple of hands full of Spawn Counters. It's a Nice Device.

There's More to them Spawns

Check Corpse Explosion. You'll need the Device to activate it. You'll need quite some Counters to actually make the BOOMs. But it can be Big Fun. Or Sudden Death, if you're not careful...