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Swarms (13/34)

The Swarm can be seen as one many-faced Adversary of Boss-Proportions. No two Swarms are the same, yet they share a great deal of features.

In TOG there wasn't much fun for a HLH in killing the one Racer that noticed you. So i didn't and after a while ten to twenty might be trailing me, accompanied by the great Battle Music. By the time their picking got to the point where i was seriously hindered in my movements, i turned around and usually killed them all with one big Destruction Spell or a couple of hits from a weapon of my choice.

Doing this in AT can be a bit more dangerous, but it still works quite the same, except for the single stroke bit. In AT a single racer can be some struggle. Same goes for a Netch. But except for Nightmares, Horrors etc, a single flyer still is no serious threat. It is different when they get together, either deliberately by your hand, or designed by mine. That's why at certain points on the Mainland, you'll bump into a Swarm. Fortunately, you'll recognize its Light (if there is any) from a usually safe distance, so the choice - again - is yours . There are certain ways you can do this, er, certain tactical patterns that you can use very much to your personal advantage. You're clever enough to find them out for yourself.

But then again: the sensation can be felt all accross the map : there are Swarms now. Loads of airborn creatures doing their airborn thing until you happen to stroll along. Sometimes they are even accompanied by another Swarm. Some like it hot :-)


Note: On the Mainland these Swarms usually inform you of a point of interest. Sometimes a hard to find Quest Location, sometimes only a place to stow away your surplusses. On Solstheim they arrived out of my Boredom over there, and each Swarm was accompnied by a Magical Crate on its Hill Top. Everywhere else they only exist because i like them so very very much. And of course, Soulstheim has had its fair share of Touches since then as well...

Note: Especially at higher levels, the magic being hurled around in these circumstances, can be so very intense that my modest machine sometimes gets to the point of 0 Frames Per Second, which freezes MW .

Control Alt Delete and backto earth. But no for long!