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Newton - L26

This Monstrosity is one of my own as well. Isn't this one a Blast ?

This Newton don't give a shite about the way and the why the world turns. This Newton just Kills. Butcher. Dead Friends are collateral damage.

So be it. The Choice is Mine, isn't it?

Newton met a full grown Nightmare Netty and killed it - at Level Six !

Newton is also The One who broke out of Mournhold. We owe him a lot :-)

When Young Newton was hopping around the isles (nov-dec 2008), there was only one Young Altmer Maniac : the one that you now meet around L24 . She fought them since she was 15. The FullBlown Imperial Maniac at Level 18 was even tougher. All these horrors without plutonium , mind you. With the next class of Maniacs glooming at 21, we decided to introduce weaker versions to the lowest levels, and shift the first appearance of the full ones to much higher levels.

This is where i finally realized that The Grand Beta from dec 2005 - mar 2006 was up for some serious tuning. This is where The Rise Of Version 0.69 began.

No Apparent Motive, just Kill and Kill Again