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Ceci c'est un Message Promové

67 - Testing RECOVER

By WebMaster , on Thu 13 Jun 2013, 01:40:01 AT

That one didn't work as expected...
Gone is the beautiful prose

67 is ruined
All because of 1 bloody typo... (?)


Okay, let's try to 'recover' the 3 issues mentioned in the original msg 67...

1 - DubCheck dates back to mail days, No longer makes sense, Exit - DONE
2 - EZ to tab to wrong button in dark skins, add Recovery - DONE
3 - Comment on posts - reuse compose form, find way to banish garbage

The original prose was better, but this will have to do. At least we have a reasonable Recovery now. So if one accidentally presses NEW, the contents of the previous SEND can be restored by pressing RECOVER.