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62 - Wannabe Nerevarine

By Joan , on Wed 05 Jun 2013, 02:16:17 AT

Okay, im kool. Lets do it. Krush dee idiots skull and free dose nagging dunmer redeyes from der demon. I butcherd dozens of his mirrors, its about time i go for der origin. And wile weer at it, lets go for Almalexia as well. Her skeming is even known in Orsinium, id like to meet de dame behind de folklore. And i aint afraid of no Hircine ider. His minions dont stand a chans against my Hammer and nider will he.

But dont expex too many shots of the dialok. i be klikking it away best i kan, for talk maak my hed aak. Only ding det maax it go away is diving from hi rok hed down on konkreet.

O by way. If you maak moor dangerous dings to kill im happy. And maak more hi rox

Joan, 44