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Sunset - L64

09904 - Sunset has entered AT now as well. This High Level Bosmer went in at 58 with skullcrusher as his weapon, but he now wields an Epic Spear.

Most of the weirdly coloured Brindisi Underground you see here, will probably be his doing.

Yesterday, early 62, he died in a tremendous crowd of Swarm Creatures. At 60+ these can be quite horrible. He never died in TOG. His last 30 levels there were utterly boring, where fighting was concerned. It was so great to finally die after all these levels that Sunset and i both smiled. Yes, this was good. And now there's this horrendous Epic Spear ( and other Heavy Two-Hander Weapons ) he wanted and i made.

09916 - I can assure you he's having great fun these days testing C15 - new creatures for Hero's Playground. Well, not right now, because i'm typing this right now.

Another tweak inspired by David B1111.

Damn dis info is old

June 2015 - This Guy has been everywhere, killed everything, went to the stage where there were only 2 Abilities < 100 and leveled up to find out what happens then. So he is quite late to enter the MCP uncap stage. But he did. And he's 73-74 now. Still killing, still dying sometimes.

But Epic in a Capital way.

This info isn't getting any younger - so much to do

15 sep 2015 - Whenever I play this Guy a couple of hours, he ascends. Just tonight he ascended to L82, and a couple of hours before that to 81. He's currently having a helluva lotta fun testing CORPSE EXPLOSION and the Kamigouti. Both are inspired on Classic Games (Diablo II and Serious Sam), translated to MW's engine...

They work. Oh boy, do they work!

Named after Roxy Music's Ageless Ballad