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Dark Brotherhood Attacks (21/34)

(New topic, 30 may 2015) Yeah. Your L01 nearly died from fighting its first mudcrab and you don't know that the bedroll in the Census and Excise Office protects you from them (as I discovered only days ago, after 13 years of MW...). You decide to take a nap and are brutally awoken before you've recovered even 1 Health Point. Should you survive, you'll get a full set of the best armor this side of Daedric...

Almost everything is wrong here, so I already changed bits before 10th Anniversary Edition. For starters: you'd have to have a certain level or reputation before Helseth even notices you. Furthermore: when they die, they only leave one piece of armor instead of the full set.

By now they don't show up all at once, and they're not necessarily all of the highest difficulty. And there's another place where you're safe from them, and even a Hat that protects you...

OK, but tell me: why did you give them some Common Clothes as well?

Well, I don't like naked corpses. Even a Dark Bro/Sis deserves some basic respect when they have died. So the idea is i nick only the valuable items and leave them behind in some decent clothing.

The Other Brothers and Sisters...

The Dark Bros and Sisses on Mournisles and in MH aren't all that different. Except that they may wear magickal versions, or even the very rare high level high quality Bloody varieties. No matter what they were wearing when they called you names, on their corpse only one of them remains. Which complicates completing any specific 'set' considerably, but, well, then you simply kill some more, and then some.

And yeah. There's Dark Sisters too. And Dark Orcs and Argonians. Whatever. Sure. They're desparate. But whatever they throw at you, you wouldn't flinch, would you? Nah, i can almost see that eager grin in your eyes right now!